Design Drawings:
Lease Exhibits
Zoning Drawings
Permit/Construction Drawings
Upgrade drawing for existing sites
Stealth structures design
Landscape & Irrigation Plans
Site Grading Plans
Retaining Wall design
Prepare as Built Drawings
Site Requirements:
Site Audits
Photo Simulations and Renderings
Utility Coordination

Structural Analysis & Design:
Structural Analysis for new towers (Monopole, Lattice Towers, Guy Towers)
Structural Analysis for Rooftops, Tenant Improvement and Water Tanks
Structural Analysis for Stealth and other Antennae support Structures
Modification Drawings for Reinforced towers
Foundation Design for new towers, steel platforms and equipment shelters

Structural Mapping:
Structural Mapping of existing towers and Tower Foundation
Structural Mapping of Rooftops

Topographical and Boundary Surveys
Regulatory Site Survey
Archeological Surveys
2C or 1A Certifications
Drainage Calculations

Other Services via our vendors:
Programmatic Agreement Exemption Letter 
Tribal Consultation
Historic Property Review
Environmental Assessment
Phase 1 Enviremental Survey 
Phase 2 Enviremental Assessment
Biological Survey 
Wetland determination
Wetland Delineation
Ultrasonic Testing
Balloon & Crane Test 
Special Geotechnical (Rock Coring)
Concrete testing 
Soil/Groundwater management and Disposal

Geotechnical Survey: Monopole and Tower Boring